Where Markets Are Made.

Crypto Currency Derivatives Liquidity and Execution

Where Markets Are Made.

Where Markets Are Made.

Cryptocurrency Derivatives Liquidity and Execution


Bespoke Trading Environments For Institutional Clients

We partner with emerging fund managers and financial dealers to deliver highly customised and robust Cryptocurrency derivative liquidity and execution services. PTX Markets is a Prime, delivering our clients highly robust and better-than-market solutions.



Our technology is built for performance. Connect via FIX API or one of our state-of-the-art platforms to access our low latency trading environment

Whether you are a Broker or Hedge Fund, we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your trading objectives.

The platforms and systems we work with accommodate all styles of trading, from small size & high frequency algorithmic trades, to large multi-million dollar positions.

logoLiquidity & Execution

Liquidity & Execution

PTX Markets is dedicated to providing deep liquidity pools and an institutional trading environment in all market conditions.

We deliver off-exchange liquidity in global cryptocurrency derivatives markets, primarily through strategic partnerships with a broad variety of market participants.

PTX Markets works with algorithmic market makers, exchanges, and other Prime providers to deliver unrivalled liquidity and execution services.


Regulated and Compliant

Incorporated in Vanuatu, and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC License 40429) we are compliant with the laws and regulations of Vanuatu.

By investing in Vanuatu we’re able to offer clients access to a secure and transparent financial trading environment, whilst also supporting the growth of the local economy. We believe that this long-term investment in the country will benefit our clients and the wider financial services industry in Vanuatu.


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